St.Lawerence After El Greco/After George Foreman: “I am well done! Turn me over.”


The gilded watercolor and pen illustration of St. Lawrence is one of my favorite and possibly the most irreverent drawing from the Mythos/Dogma series. In the tradition of depicting martyred saints with a palm branch and the items associated with their martyrdom, this image is not only styled after the 1577 painting Saint Lawrence’s Vision of the Virgin Mary by El Grecco, but also by iconic boxer and entrepreneur, George Foreman, and his Lean Mean Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine. As the patron saint of cooks, chefs and comedians, St. Lawrence while being roasted on a gridiron was attributed, perhaps apocryphally, with saying: “I’m well done on this side. Turn me over!”



Archival giclée print on artist-quality, cold-press watercolor paper.

Print size: Width 11″ X Height 15″

Your selection will be professionally printed from the primary art studio of Annie Rochelle in Knoxville, TN. Artworks are shipped only after being inspected for quality, hand gilded, and signed by the artist. Please allow for ample time (up to 30 days) for fulfillment.