Bacchanalia expresses one of the underlying themes of the Mythos/Dogma series, the idea that certain aspects of what it means to be human are unchanging despite the progression of time and a changing society. Partying is one such undying tenant of humanity. The desire for debauchery and revelry remains unchanged (though maybe less violent and murderous as the frenzied rites of the cult of Dionysis), while the technology and society continue to progress onwards. In this watercolor and pen drawing, the garlanded trio of nymph and satyrs stumble drunkenly home accompanied by many selfies, frozen wine coolers (the Capri-Sun of prepackaged alcoholic drinks) in hand and even “Pizza Rat.” The inscription reads:

“Come Boys, let’s just call an Uber and everything will be fine.”



Archival giclée print on artist-quality, cold-press watercolor paper.

Print size: Width 11″ X Height 15″

Your selection will be professionally printed from the primary art studio of Annie Rochelle in Knoxville, TN. Artworks are shipped only after being inspected for quality, hand gilded, and signed by the artist. Please allow for ample time (up to 30 days) for fulfillment.